What is WoNJAR?

WoNJAR is the Women’s Network For Junior Academics in Religion. We are a Leeds-based organisation aiming to support women researchers who are entering the academic study of religion and related fields.

What Are Our Aims?

As a way of tackling the gender imbalance in the field of TRS (see Guest, Sharma, Song 2011, Gender and Career Progression in Theology and Religious Studies), we want to help give women studying in TRS and related fields the tools and confidence to enter academia. This means running events for networking, sharing research, and workshops to help build the skills for publishing and presenting research. We hope to run out first event in the 2017-18 academic year, so watch this space!

Who Can Get Involved?

The academic environment can be very intimidating for women entering it, so our focus is on the very early stages of academic life. This means that the core group we will be working with is student researchers in Religious Studies and Related fields who identify as women. They will be either final year undergraduates or postgraduate students.

That said, we believe that many peope outside of this core group can add a lot to the project. People of any gender and at any stage in their academic career are welcome to attend events and provide support. In particular, early career researchers and those working in publishing will have experience and knowledge which is invaluable, and would be welcomed to work in the capacity of advisors, peer mentors or speakers.

Our Founders

WoNJAR is co-founded by Joanna Pedder, Rebecca Anthoney and Helen Lee. They are Masters Students and alumni of Leeds University’s department of Theology and Religious Studies.

  • Joanna is studying for a MA in Religions and Theology at the University of Manchester. She researches religion and political theory, with a particular  interest in Catholic mysticism and its intersection with conservatism.
  • Rebecca is studying for an MA in Biblical Studies Research at the University of Sheffield. She researches issues of sex and gender in the Hebrew Bible, and is currently writing on goddesses and the divine feminine.
  • Helen is studying for an MA in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. She researches issues of religious identity and is currently writing about Islamophobia in the UK.

Contact Info

Email – WoNJARNetwork@gmail.com

Facebook – Women’s Network for Junior Academics in Religion

Twitter @WoNJAR_Network